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Listed Buildings
of Ipswich Public Library
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The Ipswich Society was founded in 1960 and is a community of people who care about the appearance, character and well-being of the town, its past and its future. We are affiliated to the Civic Trust.

We seek to preserve the best of the town's old buildings and to ensure that new building is of a high quality.

From the start we have had close links with Ipswich Borough Council and our President is always the Worshipful the Mayor of Ipswich, who presides at our AGM and other important occasions.

The Society publishes a newsletter, holds winter talks and during the summer arranges visits to places of interest. Our two main events are the AGM where the activities and achievements of the year are discussed, and the Awards Evening where certificates are presented for particularly good examples of new development. Both these evenings conclude with refreshments and general socialising.

We are able to give small grants towards local environmental improvements of various kinds and this is often a spur to business and other bodies to offer their help.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions.


The Society produces a quarterly newsletter.

Latest online edition is from October 2015.

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