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Listed Buildings
of Ipswich St Nicholas Street (Grade II*)

About Us


With 1200 members we are quite a large as civic societies go and we like to think that we are well-recognised and that our opinions count for something in the town.

The Townscape

The Society encourages conservation of the town's best buildings and most attractive street scenes but also welcomes well-planned and sensitive new developments.


Ipswich is a town of great historical interest and variety. We are keen to see that the town's rich heritage of manufacturing, seafaring and culture is more widely appreciated.


We urge that public transport be enhanced and private transport accommodated in such a way that travel in Ipswich is relatively easy and pleasant. This is necessary for the local economy but must be achieved without spoiling the character of the town's historic street pattern.

The Future Of Ipswich

The Ipswich Society recognizes the need for a prosperous local economy for the benefit of people and their environment. With this in mind we examine carefully and comment on the various plans and other documents produced by Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council relating to the development of Ipswich and its surroundings.


We are affiliated to the Civic Trust, the national body of civic societies and are represented on their Eastern Region Committee. We have members on many local groups and societies including local council working groups and we liaise with other civic societies.

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