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Listed Buildings
of Ipswich Custom House (Grade II*)


The Society's activities are referred to on our home page and current activities will be found in the newsletter.

Our main events are as follows.

Heritage Open Days

We organise these in Ipswich and district and more than a score of premises are open each year.

Download a PDF version of our Heritage Open Days 2015 leaflet.

Over the weekend of Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2015, the following are open at various times (but check leaflet for details):

  1. St Stephen's Church
  2. Unitarian Meeting House
  3. Willis
  4. Arlington's Brasserie
  5. Ipswich School
  6. Christchurch Mansion
  7. St Margaret's Church
  8. Freemasons Hall
  9. Bethesda Baptist Chapel
  10. Pykenham Gatehouse
  11. Admiral's House
  12. Ipswich Institute & Library
  13. Town Hall
  14. Christchurch United Reformed/Baptist Church
  15. 104 St Helen's Street
  16. St Michael's Church Hall
  17. Blackfriars
  18. Cafe Neptune
  19. The Wheatsheaf
  20. Holy Trinity Church
  21. Sailing Barge "Victor"
  22. Isaac Lord
  23. Old Custom House
  24. Quay Place
  25. St Peter's Church
  26. St Mary-At-Stoke Church
  27. Gippeswyk Hall
  28. Broomhill Swimming Pool
  29. Broomhill Library
  30. Freston Tower
  31. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook
  32. Holywells Park

Please check our Heritage Open Days 2015 leaflet for full details of opening times.

Annual General Meeting

This is held in April each year.

Awards Evenings

See the awards page.

Winter Lectures

During the winter months about six talks are given by a variety of speakers on topics of interest to members.

Summer Outings

One-day (and occasionally longer) visits are made to places of interest related to the Society's objectives:

  • to promote the study of civic design,
  • to stimulate public consciousness and appreciation of the beauty, history and character of Ipswich and its surroundings,
  • to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of the features which go to make pleasing and convenient conditions in which to live and work
  • to pursue these ends by such means as meetings, lectures, study groups, exhibitions and publications
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