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Newsletter, January 2003 (Issue 150)

Broomhill Pool

Broomhill Pool's future is again under threat. At Ipswich Borough Council's Executive Committee meeting on 5 November, Councillor John Mowles, Chairman of Leisure and Sport, said that its whole future would be under consideration when they had received a report on the Asset Management of all three of the Borough's pools. I would remind members that a survey carried out in 1998 showed that if £95,000 was spent then it would give a stay of execution until 2003, when it would be necessary to spend over £2 millions.

That time fast approaches and it is vital to strengthen the Council's sinews and impress upon them the health and social necessity of the pool. A Friends of Broomhill Pool has been formed; it has already presented a petition with 3,000 signatures in support to the Council. Meetings are taking place with MI's and Councillors. There will have been a swim in the sea at Fellxstowe Dip on Christmas morning when Ipswich's world record holding Channel Swimmer, Mike Read, will have demonstrated his qualities.

Your support is urgently sought for this Grade II building of enormous use. If you can contribute in any way to maintain this facility for our children (and grandchildren, in the case of many Society members!) please contact me.


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