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Newsletter, April 2003 (Issue 151)

Ipswich Maritime Trust

The Trust continues to work to promote interest in our historic legacy of seafaring and all matters maritime. This year a short series of lectures is being held on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm at the ABP Waterfront Conference Centre beneath the Old Custom House. (N.B.These dates do not clash with Ipswich Society meetings!)

  • Wednesday, 9 April — Evening lecture by Stuart Grimwade - "40 Years of Sailing Barges"
  • Wednesday, 14 May — Evening lecture by Capt John Swift and Martin O'Hara - "The Wet Dock"
  • 28-29 June — Sailing Barge Family Heritage Weekend to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Society for Sailing Barge Research
  • 5-6 July — A Maritime Trust Weekend Exhibition to complement the Rally in the Wet Dock of entries for the 2003 Small Ships'Race - Ipswich to Delzijl
A small entry fee of £2.50 will be charged for the evening lectures which are open to the public.


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