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Newsletter, April 2003 (Issue 151)

Letters to the Editor

from Alastair Thomson

In response to your Editorial in the (January) Ipswich Society Newsletter, I would like to make my comments known to the Society based purely on my personal experience. Firstly, several taxi drivers appear to be very frustrated by the traffic management system currently operating in Ipswich, which in turn is reflected when a customer needs to get a taxi - that is, taxis are not in the right place at the night time.

Secondly, I do some work for a charity shop in Upper Brook Street and the manageress has commented that since the changes made by the authorities, 102 buses per weekday travel along Upper Brook Street but it is not possible for the delivery vans to off-load or on-load the donations made to her charity shop, which involves her and her staff in driving, to collect from places away from the main business premises. I hope that you understand my comments and that this is of assistance to you.

FOOTBALL STANDS: not "a disaster for the built environment"
from John M Button

I read with dismay the comments in the last Newsletter on the North and South Stands for ITFC. The new developments represent a massive improvement on their predecessors and are a welcome addition to the skyline of Ipswich. They afford an interesting and pleasant spectacle on all of the approaches to the town centre.

The stadium itself is now a credit to the Club and the people of Ipswich. The views expressed in the last edition are not echoed, I am certain, by the majority of Ipswich residents.

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