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Newsletter, April 2003 (Issue 151)

Membership Cards

Your Committee has decided to stop issuing yearly membership cards. After all, these are never used but, with over 1100 members, they involve a lot of work, most of it concentrated at the beginning of January. New members will receive a membership card as an initial receipt.

Those of you who pay by standing order and rely on the arrival of the card in January to remind you of this should have no concern. Starting now, the address label on your Newsletter envelope will show an "S", meaning that a standing order exists and your subscriptions are up to date.

A standing order is very easy for all concerned and anyone who would like to start paying in this way should write to or telephone our Membership Secretary - see back page - and say so.

Another letter that may appear on Your address label is of course the "G" that indicates a Gift Aid declaration, enabling us to recover tax at no cost to the member. Most of you have signed such a declaration, but if you haven't and would like to do so (and are a taxpayer) please tell our Treasurer. The address label may also contain a "D" followed by a number, which indicates that your Newsletter is delivered by hand.

If you would like to start paying by standing order and also make a Gift Aid declaration (check your address label - no "S" or "G") then tell either Philippa Isaac, our Membership Secretary, or Ken Wilson, our Treasurer - one call will do both!

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