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Newsletter, July 2003 (Issue 152)

Ipswich Maritime Trust

The Trust is currently collaborating with the architect of EEDA's chosen developer for the Cranfield's Mill site, Wharfside Regeneration, to secure a public display and storage area in the scheme for the potentially large volume of maritime artefacts now being offered to the Trust for safe keeping. Both EEDA and the Borough Council have expressed their support for the Trust's aims in this respect, and it is understood that the designs for a planning application will be completed in the early autumn.

In the meantime the Trust is seeking temporary storage accommodation for its artefacts, with the co-operation of the Port owners, ABP. If any member of the Society would like to contact the Trust about these or any other aspects of the Trust's work, they are welcome to get in touch with the Chairman of the Trust's Committee, Des Pawson, on 01473 690090.


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