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Newsletter, July 2003 (Issue 152)

The Society's Surprise at AGM

The Methodist Church Hall in Black Horse Lane has already been greeted as a pleasant venue for the Society's meetings. However there was some initial consternation as members began to arrive. This was the first of our Annual General Meetings to be held there, events which have usually concluded with a convivial glass of wine or soft drink. But the organisers were suddenly made aware that wine should not be taken on to these premises: hence Jill Lambert's rapid drive to Sainsburys to buy yet more gallons of soft drinks!

Our Chairman, Jack Chapman, opened the proceedings by welcoming people and introducing the Mayor, Councillor Richard Risebrow. The Mayor, our President, conveyed the good wishes of the Borough Council and said how much he had enjoyed attending the Society's Awards evening in November.

Annual reports from the Chairman and Treasurer had been previously circulated in booklet form with the April Newsletter, so there were few matters raised by members at the meeting, but the following points are worthy of note:

Financial reserves: discussion as to whether the Society needed to retain £13,760 of unallocated funds, but it was generally agreed that this was not unreasonable to cover eventualities.

Life membership: this new status had been taken up by (only) two members so far.

Abolition of annual membership cards: no problem, as long as new members get a receipt.

IBC's cultural strategy: concern expressed that this had gone quiet, although probably still alive.

Officers and Committee members retiring by totation were all re-elected - namely, John Norman (Vice-Chairman), Ken Wilson (Treasurer)), Mike Cook, Tom Gondris and Neil Salmon.

The business part of the evening over, John Norman delivered an engrossing illustrated talk about recent developments on the Ipswich Waterfront. Even those of us who try to keep up with all the new schemes learned that we're not quite up to date!

Finally, on to Beryl Jary's excellent choice of snacks and those very refreshing soft drinks.


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