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Newsletter, October 2003 (Issue 153)

Letters to the Editor

from Dave Morgan

Fortified and encouraged by you, Mr Editor, in the submission of my first epistle to the July edition, I venture to draw attention to two blights to our fair town! On both I have complained over recent times to the Borough Council with little success. Perhaps the Society could "take up the cudgels" with better results?

My first "bleat" is about the tatty, sub-standard safety railings, most of which remain in the original dull grey dip (where they haven't rusted or otherwise discoloured) prominent on virtually every roundabout and major junction across the town. Actually the ones at St Matthew's Street/ Civic Drive roundabout were recently painted -just before the Queen last visited us! All isnot gloom, however, for I have noticed outside the Manor Club leading into Woodbridge Road that splendid black, slightly ornate railings have been erected as part of the improvements to this busy junction. Perhaps this is the start of a concerted programme for improvement across the town?

The second "bleat" is about the old trolley bus standards (tatty and unpainted) still carrying overhead lighting and wires evident in a few places in town. For example, have a look in Upper Orwell Street (The Wash) or that part of St Helen's Street near to McNamara's (Marshall's) empty garage. Surely it is time they were replaced by modern attractive standards? There are surely sufficient monies in the Borough Council's annual agency monies for highways from the County Council? Oh, and while I am still on my hobby horse, when oh when will the promised development on the car parks behind the Co-op and Woolworths commence? Everything seems to have gone to sleep on this blight in the eastern town centre - not least at Civic Centre!

from Rosemary Rooke

We have just received The Ipswich Society Newsletter and I notice that you have a paragraph on John Blatchly's History of Ipswich School. I hope you don't mind but this has prompted me to send you a complimentary copy of the informal history of Ipswich High School for Girls which I wrote to celebrate our 125th Birthday this year in April.

I am a fairly new member of The Ipswich Society and have an interest in things historical" but have never done anything like this before! However, I was fascinated by the history of the School which in many ways mirrors the changes in the role of women in society, and as time constrictions dictated a small scale booklet, found that the main problem was not what to put in but what to leave out.... Although we are no longer based in Ipswich, I feel that this might be of interest as the School was a small but quite important part of the history of Ipswich. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy it is available for £3 from the School Office.

from Jennifer Stimpson

I was very surprised to read in the July Newsletter of the "situation" at the AGM - mentioned not once but twice. Surely intellectual people such as yourselves are aware of the fact that nonconformist churches do not allow alcohol on their premises? Would it not (if no one was sure) have been courteous to have enquired beforehand instead of whinging afterwards? When in Rome ... etc.

The Society has also received a letter from . He refers to Vera Underwood's mention in the July Newsletter of the Lyceum Theatre which used to exist in Carr Street. He recalls seeing Love on the Dole performed there in about 1936, when employment was high!

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