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Newsletter, October 2003 (Issue 153)

Martlesham Police HQ

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At seven o'clock on the evening of 17 June members of The Ipswich Society assembled at the Suffolk Police Headquarters, Martlesham, where they were met by Mr Alan Boon and a colleague from the communications department of Suffolk Police. They proceeded to outline the communications network used by Suffolk Police, and members were able to observe the police communication office in action.

The new Airwave system was about to be introduced. This new digital system will have many advantages over the present system including the ability to cover the whole of the UK and better communication with the general public, as each handset doubles as a mobile phone enabling officers to contact members of the public directly while on duty. It also has an emergency button in case an officer needs assistance.

Members then had a round table discussion with the two representatives of the Police Force about a number of police-related topics which included: policing - now and then; the use of the police helicopter; recruitment of officers; policemen on the beat; the continual threat of litigation, and many more. A most interesting and informative visit.


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