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Newsletter, January 2004 (Issue 154)

Lunch-time Lectures

It's worth bearing in mind that there will be another series of lunch-time lectures this year. They will be held in the Ipswich Film Theatre at the Com Exchange on Thursdays at 1pm and are scheduled to end at about 1.50 pm - so that people who work in the town as well as retired folk may be able to attend. The speakers and subjects are:

  • 12 February — Dr John Blatchly on "Writing the History of Ipswich School"
  • 22 April — Terry Hunt on "130 Years of the East Anglian Daily Times"
  • 17 June — Peter Underwood (our Vice-President) on "Thomas Wolsey"
  • 12 August — Elizabeth Sugarman on "Jews in Suffolk - Past and Present"
  • 14 October — Robin Herne on "The Art of Paganism"
  • 9 December — Professor Chris Green on "Composers and Suffolk"
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