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Newsletter, January 2004 (Issue 154)

Wanted... Help with History

Wanted... someone to do simple research and write up a manageable history of The Ipswich Society. The Society, ever since its inception in 1960, has been involved in various ways with most of the huge changes in Ipswich. Your Executive Committee thinks that our activities should be recorded in one accessible attractive publication. This should be a fascinating undertaking for someone interested in how members of a civic society have contributed to the ongoing developments in Ipswich.

Most of the research needed for such a history could be done at home using back numbers of the Newsletter and the Society's scrapbooks, etc. Help would also be available from founder members and others with long memories.

Don't be surprised if much of what the Society has said and done is already half forgotten, so there are discoveries to be made and the record to be put right!

Please contact our Chairman, Jack Chapman, if you are interested.

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