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Newsletter, January 2004 (Issue 154)

A Message from the Treasurer, etc.

I have had a letter from the Inland Revenue which starts:

"From April 2004, people who complete a Self-Assessment tax return will be able to nominate a charity to receive all or part of any repayment due to them. The Inland Revenue repaid around 0 billion to nearly 3 million Self-Assessment taxpayers last year." Even assuming that they are using the American rather than the British billion, this is quite a lot of money and all charities will be watching the results with interest."
Are you such a taxpayer? Do you know anyone who is, even if not a member of the Society? Watch out for full details in our April Newsletter.

Meanwhile Gift Aid, an entirely separate scheme, is continuing to provide us with extra income at no cost to those of you who have already made a Gift Aid Declaration.

If the letter "G" appears on the address label of your Newsletter than you have already made such a declaration and need do no more. If there is no "G" but you would like to help the Society in this way - and are a taxpayer - then fill in the slip at the foot of the payment form if paying by cheque. If you pay by Standing Order ("S" on your address label) give me a ring. If I'm out, just leave your name and address and say "gift aid". Yes, it's as simple as that!


...and a reminder from our Membership Secretary

Can I remind members that membership cards will no longer be issued on my receiving your subscriptions. Confirmation of your membership will be the continued receipt of the Society's Newsletter - as agreed at the 2003 AGM. Those who pay by Standing Order will find an "S" on their Newsletter envelope. New members who have joined since September 2003 will not need to renew their subscriptions until 2005.


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