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of Ipswich St Margaret's Church (Grade I)

Newsletter, July 2004 (Issue 156)

Members' Social Evening

Garrett Memorial Hall, St Margaret's Church Centre, 1 April 2004
John Norman must really enjoy watching people puzzle over his superb photos of little comers of Ipswich - doors, roof-lines, sculptures. Why otherwise would such a busy man make so much time to explore the by-ways of our town with his camera? But there's no doubt his time is well spent. Members of the Society who come along to our social evenings clearly enjoy the challenge - and, more importantly, enjoy discussing the photos and places with others!

On this occasion, John had also provided a large set of photographs of architectural and other details from the wider county. These also evoked a lot of interest. And we were able to have a close look at models of the three architects' proposals for a foot bridge/cycle bridge across the dock. You may remember that the January Newsletter contained photographs of these models.

But the evening was essentially an informal one with time and space to chat, with some good food and drink, and Ron Vaughan's piano accompaniment. We hope to provide more opportunities for social gatherings in the future.

The slight disappointment was that only a few of the many newer members came along. Your committee is considering what else we could do to involve new members. We realise that many of you are quite happy to support the Society just by joining and receiving the Newsletter - and that's understandable. But there may be others who would like to do a little more and are not being given the right openings. If you have helpful ideas about this, please let any one of your committee know.

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