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Newsletter, July 2004 (Issue 156)

Major Planning Matters

Anglesea Road/Ivry Street, erection of 3-4 storey preparatory school
"The Society is delighted to see these entirely new plans for the Prep School on a new site; we feel that this is a much better solution than trying to expand Victonian houses in Henley Road. Overall we are impressed with the design of the new buildings We are, however, concerned by the relative anonymity of the main entrance in Ivry Street. It is a sound architectural axiom that a fine building has an obvious entrance. On the other hand, the glass tower containing the staircase is over-emphasised and has the best views. We would like to see fresh thought given to this aspect of the design."

151 St Helen's Street, erection of 14 flats
"The proposal to replace the attractive 1930s garage, a two storey building with strong horizontals, with an interrupted three storied apartment block with pitched roofs is particularly badly thought out .... There is a failure to turn the comer into Palmerston Road and the elevation presented to St Helen's Street is unacceptable. This proposal should be refused on grounds of a design quality that is too poor for one of the main entrances to the town from the east."

16-20 Stoke Street, convert vacant retail premises into 12 flats/maisonettes
"These so-called plans should be rejected; there is no clear thought to the site layout and they are attempting to squeeze a quart into a pint pot on this site. They should give more care to regeneration in the area ... and that approach would prove more profitable as well as being more aesthetically satisfactory in the long run."

Bramford Lane, change of use from allotments (part) to public open space
"It is appreciated that a full consultation exercise has been carried out with local residents ... Provided representations of the residents are fully met - support."

Yarmouth Road, TA Centre, erection of 4 blocks of flats between 4 and 5 storeys high
"We have inspected the fresh application; ... access from Yarmouth Road, the provision of pathway and cycle track and the elevations have been improved. We now feel that planning permission should be granted, subject of course to the Council's officers' approval of details."

Crown Pools: new pay & display car park on existing lawn
"This scheme simply increases car parking spaces ... There is a massive multi-storey car park adjacent that is more than adequate for those who choose not to use sustainable transport into the centre of town. The lawn contributes to the open space aspect that is important to the setting of this fine building .... The Ipswich Society recommend refusal."

Former Christchurch Hospital: 37 residential apartments
"The scheme has merit ... The division into separate units has been designed with sympathy ..removal of portico and intrusive windows is to be applauded but further alterations to recent additions would be beneficial. In particular there is an opportunity to restore symmetry in number 61. [We]would welcome more trees on the front boundary even if this results in a loss of a car parking space .."

31 Stoke Street: 6 dwellings
"The Ipswich Society notes the considerable improvements made to the proposals but suggests it is still over-development of this site ... We are disappointed that the indicative elevations are twee and that there is no reasonable allowance for car parking..."

Spring Road former reservoir site: 24 residential apartments in 3 storey block
"This application is premature. What is required for the area of under-developed land north and south of Spring Road (mainly allotments) is planning guidance. We understand the Outline Permission was for 8 houses. This development for 24 units is considerably more demanding in terms of car parking, vehicle movements..."

Ipswich Co-operative, Carr Street: new entrance doors to no.36, new fascia rear elevation nos.38-68
"[We] are disappointed by the aesthetic quality of work currently being carried out to the Carr Street elevation, in particular the automatic doors on the curved frontage at the junction of Cox Lane and Carr Street ... Although we accept that the rear elevation to Co-operative House is not as important as, or of similar quality to the front, these buildings form an important feature in the street scene, particularly the 1884 drapery store."

13 St Nicholas Street: alterations to form restaurant, & external alterations
"Bland, boring, featureless and typical of a national chain applying minimal standards to every restaurant they open ... [We] are particularly concerned with the street scene and the outlets from air conditioning and cooker extraction units ... [We] recommend that if approved there is a condition attached that prevents storage of wheeled bins in the adjacent lane."

Neptune Marina, car park south side of Coprolite Street
"This application appears to be for a hot food take-away, totally inappropriate and undesirable in this location. Whilst we are sure responsible boat owners will respect their environment, evidence suggests others do not, and this type of establishment generates noise, litter and the scattering of food waste which in turn attracts pests. We accept that the application is for a quality establishment but the business could be transferred to other styles of fast food take- away. Approval could set a precedent for other take-away outlets on the quaysides."

Neptune Marina Ltd, operational car parking on Orwell Quay
"Permission if granted must be on the strict requirement of limited time, and permission now should not be taken as permission for further 'operational requirements' (the restaurant under construction will, for example, require extensive car parking).

18 Badgers Bank, felling of sweet chestnut tree
"The Ipswich Society does not usually comment on tree preservation orders but we could not gather the rationale for the removal of this fine tree ... [We] recommend refusal."

Henley Road, telecommunications tower and base station
"The mast will be out of place because of the open aspect ... Masts of this type are better concealed on existing towers, aerials or tall buildings." [113C has refused permission.]

The outcome of previous planning applications

Co-op Bank, Princes Street alterations and moving ATM (April Newsletter). IBC refused application which would "seriously detract from the character and appearance of this well detailed neo-classical building in the central conservation area."

Burton's site, College Street proposed car park (in April Newsletter). Application withdrawn.

St Nicholas Church, convert into diocesan resource centre. IBC has approved conditionally.

Burton's site, St Peter's Dock/Foundry Lane, 198 flats, commercial uses and car parking. IBC approved but no demolition until archaeological work done.

St Helen's Street/Woodbridge Road/Orchard Street, 36 houses and flats. The Society criticised unimaginative design. IBC refused permission because "the design is of inappropriate standard for this prominent location adjacent to a conservation area and Listed buildings."

Mike Cook, the Society's Planning Co-ordinator, and John Norman, our Vice-Chairman, have agreed to speak about the Society's methods, achievements, and present and future concerns regarding planning matters. Since responding to planning applications lies at the heart of the Society's work for the community, we hope that a good discussion will ensue.
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