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Newsletter, October 2004 (Issue 157)

Recent Planning Matters

Here are some of the Society's responses to applications and IBC's decisions where known.

178 London Road: proposed use for non-food retail warehouse with restriction against the sale of adult fashion clothing
"It is important to remember that out of town shopping centres should sell largely those items that would be difficult to get on a bus but need a car to carry home. Cheap clothing outlets do not come into that category in our view and mean one less shop in the middle of town. If the lawyers allow, we hope you will refuse this application." [IBC has refused permission.]

Depot adjoining 57-59 St Margarets Street: change of use from taxi rank to auction room and office use
"We welcome this application to return Websters to near their old home. However we are unhappy with the replacement doors to the St Margarets Street elevation"

St Lawrence Church, Dial Lane: development for IBC for external alterations and refurbishment of interior to provide new floor, toilets, kitchen, servery..
"The Society welcomes the decision of the Borough Council to move the drop-in centre to the church. It will be a good use of a building that has so far defeated attempts to utilise it. The detailed architectural changes will, we assume, be supervised by English Heritage and the Conservation Officer." [Permission granted]

35 Princes Street: internal alterations to provide new internal wall and installation of new extract fan
"These proposals, not designed by an architect, would ruin the classical Edwardian interior of the former Sun Buildings, now the Bank of Scotland. The interior by E T Johns in 1911 is still fine and the Bank could do much better than 'epoxy coated aluminium panels'. The Society feels strongly that the application should be refused."

1 Benezet Street: erection of 11 flats in 3 storey building...
"This revised proposal still requires the demolition of No I Benezet Street, an attractive 19th century house. [Photo below] This house is on the Society's Local List Surely it is possible to design a suitable residential development around its retention. The Suffolk brick frontages are a part of a cohesive whole in an improving area..." [IBC refused application. Gone to planning inspectorate appeal in Bristol. Awaiting outcome.]

67 Westgate Street: retention of replacement shutters and roller shutters
"If the shutters are to be totally solid then they are unacceptable. They are also intended for Lady Lane. We would like to remind members of the Committee that The Ipswich Society has spent its own funds over the years to retain the lane as a remnant of the important medieval route it once was. There is a planning policy that allows only perforated shutters in Conservation Areas and in most parts of the town. Further it would appear that they have already carried out the works in which case an enforcement order should be instituted."

The Greyhound, Henley Road: two single storey rear extensions
"The new application is perfectly acceptable ... hopefully Adnams will proceed with the extensions rapidly." [IBC granted permission.]

11 St Nicholas Street: to allow use as cafe/bar
"The Society is concerned at the number of outlets selling alcohol in this area of the town centre because the resultant littering and vandalism is detrimental to the street scene. It has been worsened by several traders, understandably concerned, erecting 'temporary shutters'. There has to be the straw that would break the camel's back and we think this is the one to be refused. The 'evening economy' has surely reached its limits and this application for change of use should be refused." [IBC decision deferred]

121 London Road: part demolition & extensions to form 4 apartments
"These suggestions - they couldn't be called plans - are inadequately illustrated, involve the unnecessary demolition of part of the house and show no care for the interior. The proposed new build is grossly out of proportion to the original recently Listed house." [refused by IBC] [Photo below]

Water tower, reservoir, Park Road: installation of 3 panel antennae and one radio equipment cabinet
"It was originally agreed that all telecom companies place their apparatus behind the fibreglass screen. This has not been done and should be insisted upon." [IBC refused application]

The outcome of previous planning applications in July Newsletter:

Neptune Marina, Coprolite Street: IBC refused permission for food take-away.

Neptune Marina car parking: IBC granted permission.

18 Badgers Bank, felling of sweet chestnut tree: IBC refused - Tree Preservation Order made.

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