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Newsletter, January 2005 (Issue 158)

Making a Difference

I reported in the October Newsletter the Society's contribution to the Ipswich Borough Council scheme to remove redundant traffic signs and other street clutter. This was the culmination of an ongoing campaign by the Society to rid the town of unwanted street furniture, white paint in the highway and graffiti. (See page 9, October 2004)

Once again The Ipswich Society is one step ahead of colleagues nationally with English Heritage using Bill Bryson to launch their Save Our Streets campaign. "Throughout England the beauty and distinctiveness of our historic settlements and landscapes is disappearing under a blizzard of traffic signs, discordant paving schemes, obtrusive road markings and ugly street furniture. The resulting visual chaos diminishes the quality of all our lives." (English Heritage) Their booklet is full of photographic examples so I thought I'd include a couple taken in Ipswich.

"One Sign on Top of Another" is in Falcon Street and reflects previous attempts to prevent queuing for the Buttermarket car park (the "Other" is underneath)! The redundant sign at the back was originally erected by one of twenty different agencies who are permitted to erect traffic signs, none of whom has the contract to remove the clutter.

"The Information Overload" is outside the Novotel and includes sponsorship of the planting on the traffic islands by Scottish Equitable who were taken over by the Aegon Group in 1994.


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