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Newsletter, January 2008 (Issue 170)

Blue Plaques: John Glyde

We are soon to have printed a new brochure which features the plaques we have installed around the town. It is time for an update since the newcomers earlier this year.

We have tried to make the new brochure attractive and colourful, using photographs in the process. However, one of the important worthies we have celebrated in the town cannot be fully included in the publication because there seems to be no existing image of the man!

John Glyde, the radical thinker and social historian who is remembered in Eagle Street, has been researched at the Record Office, his name has been swept through Google and other internet search engines but all to no avail. If you can point us in the right direction to find an image it would neatly complete our task. Please contact Tony Marsden via the Executive Committee. Also, contact us as we continue to draw upon suggestions for celebrating the famous men and women of our town. We would love to have more.

    Front cover of issue 170 Cover, issue 170

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