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Newsletter, January 2008 (Issue 170)

Giles: Ipswich Cartoonist

For a number of years I have been researching local links with Giles and I have identified around 60 cartoons which show scenes or have some other local connection. A similar number of drawings and cartoons, etc. exist which Giles produced for local groups and individuals.

This research may lead to a book or, at the very least end up in the Suffolk Record Office for anyone to see. Although I have spoken to many local people, there may be other links I have not discovered. I should be pleased to hear from anyone who has a personal drawing by Giles, a copy of which could be added to the collection, or has an anecdote or knows of an incident which led to one of Giles's published cartoons.

John Field
Tel: 01473 211396
Email: Johnfieldconsultancy@btinternet.com

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