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of Ipswich St Nicholas Street (Grade II*)

Newsletter, January 2008 (Issue 170)


Two/three fine buildings?

The British Council for Offices has named Grafton House the best new office block in the Midlands and East Anglia -- a result which may surprise some of its earlier critics. With Endeavour House across the Road and the Crown Court next door, Ipswich has a worthy trio. But how will the first two be used in the future? The court house can always rely on users!

"Beyond the Horizon"

This is the appropriate name for the imaginatively designed 12m long glass panel by York-based Dan Savage. Installed on Orwell Quay in October, the work commemorates Suffolk's role in the founding of Jamestown Virginia in 1607. It will be seen by more people regularly when the rest of Orwell Quay is developed.

Mint Quarter

There's still a hole in the middle of town. The current developers who teamed up with NCP two years ago admit the failure to re-build here has affected Upper Orwell Street and now Upper Brook Street. Please get on with it.

Two Historical Exhibitions

Congratulations to the creators of the Clarkson and Gosnold exhibitions at the Museum and Mansion respectively. We hope they've been seen by many, especially young people. Strange to think that when we older people were at school little was popularly known about these hugely important pioneers.

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