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Newsletter, April 2008 (Issue 171)

IBC and Climate Change

Readers of the Newsletter may be interested to learn that IBC has created two new roles relating to local climate change issues. The Climate Change Officer's role will be seeking to lessen the environmental impact of IBC's operations, and my role as Assistant Climate Change Officer will be to engage with and involve the Ipswich community. Local Authorities are increasingly seen as the mechanism for leading action at local level.

For general information, the following sites contain much about climate change, how you may be contributing to its effects, what you can do about it, and what help may be available.

  • www.direct.gov.uk
    This is the Government's web site for all public services, and the Environment and Greener Living section covers all aspects of climate change.
  • Suffolk Energy Action Link (SEAL) via www.suffolkcoastal.gov.uk
    For efficiency advice and information on grants in Suffolk.
  • CRed Suffolk -- www.cred-uk.org/suffolk
    Focusing on the simpler actions and pledges for householders to reduce carbon emissions, the site also offers the downloadable booklet '50 tips for householders' and the Suffolk Climate Action Plan.
  • The Energy Saving Trust (EST) -- www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
    Information on small changes we can make as individuals, choosing energy efficient appliances, a free home energy check facility and information on community action taking place across the country. There is also information about grants, and contact details for the EST Advice Centre Anglia.
  • Defra and Environment Agency
    These two web sites contain a wealth of information at a more scientific/technical level.

If you have any specific enquiries regarding climate change or action you wish to take, and cannot find what you need at these sites, then please contact me and I can try and put you in touch with the relevant organisation. My contact details are Catherine.booty@ipswich.gov.uk or 01473 432091.

Catherine Booty, Assistant Climate Change Officer, IBC

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