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Newsletter, April 2008 (Issue 171)

Future of Crown Street

Possible redevelopment of Crown Street:

  • The majority of swimming pool users are not car drivers; they use the bus or even walk or cycle. Thus moving away from Crown Street and the bus station (to the site opposite Portman Road football ground) is illogical.
  • With the Mint Quarter, the Westgate/Civic Centre and perhaps Old Cattle Market bus station sites empty, Ipswich clearly cannot sustain a further retail development in Crown Street.
  • We think it is unlikely that the Borough will find a developer to partner IBC for the proposals on the Portman Road site as development costs do not add up.
  • Whilst Crown Pools needs a considerable amount of money spending on it, the basic structure is satisfactory for another 35 years. It should be refurbished and enclosed; a second 50 metre pool and diving pit can be built next to it. Fore Street baths plus its car park should be closed and its site sold off; these funds would be used for the Crown Pools regeneration.
  • Charles Street car park will have to be rebuilt but it could be done in such a way as to have an office or high density residential development above.
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