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Newsletter, April 2008 (Issue 171)

Public Transport

We could make the following suggestions:

  • Close the Old Cattle Market bus station. All buses would use an improved Tower Ramparts bus station.
  • The ceaseless passage of large diesel engined (and technologically outdated) buses through some of Ipswich's best streets should stop.
  • A small quiet electric or hybrid bus should shuttle around the current route at 5 minute intervals which would otherwise be traffic free.
  • A similar vehicle should be used for a Tower Ramparts - railway station shuttle route.
  • We would like serious thought to be given to utilising the Felixstowe railway line more heavily. Within Ipswich it could have a 10 minute interval with halts for Sproughton Road, Norwich Road, the Northern Fringe development, the St Clement's site and Warren Heath before continuing to Felixstowe. This would reduce pressure on the roads in many areas including the A14. Fast, rapidly accelerating tram-like vehicles would be used to provide brief stop times. Network Rail would like the line electrified but the freight traffic does not yet justify it. Electric trains would make a substantial difference to the quality of life for line-side residents by reducing noise pollution. Though such a scheme may appear fanciful now it is an obvious solution for twenty years hence. Thus we need to engage our thoughts, planners and consultants with it now.
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