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of Ipswich Unitarian Meeting House (Grade I)

Newsletter, April 2008 (Issue 171)

Parking Strategy

We support this strategy overall, except we note an overall increase in long-term commuter parking from 1179 spaces to 1890 plus. However, many are on Portman Road's development; this is approaching doubling of places and will surely have an adverse effect on rush hour congestion. We feel these figures need reconsideration.

We think that street parking in the central car parking zone, now it is under the Council's control, needs a major overhaul. There are inadequate spaces outside working hours; signage is inconsistent -- sometimes excessive, sometimes absent. This needs input from parties in addition to Highways.

Marks & Spencer NCP car park -- Possibly the spaces here could be incorporated into the rebuilt Charles Street multi-storey car park. It could then be used as an extension for the bus station and as a coach station by day; but at night it would be useful to have car parking so close to the town centre. This site must certainly not be zoned for building of any sort.

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