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Newsletter, July 2008 (Issue 172)


Next stage of the Plan

The Local Development Framework occupied a lot of the April Newsletter. Some 2000 responses to IBC are being evaluated and a report will go to the IBC Executive before the next consultation. It is said that by 2021, 90% of the required 15,400 new homes in Ipswich will have been built on brownfield land. Worth remembering!

Westgate Centre

This seems to be the likely new name for the Civic Centre site. It makes geographical and historical sense, thank goodness. Contrast more new names of big developments like Voyage in Ranelagh Road, Vista in Woodbridge Road and Modus in Duke Street. Confusing and hard to remember?

Another good name

The Reg Driver Centre in Christchurch Park was officially opened on 6 May. This new visitor centre near the Bolton Lane entrance will be a welcome addition to the splendidly restored park. Reg was the first chairman of the Friends of Christchurch Park. As well as being a key figure in the British Legion and a former Borough Councillor, he was a long standing member of our Society.

SWISS Centre

Not all members agree with the Society's Executive that the new sixth form centre should not be built out of town with all the extra car journeys that will encourage. But IBC's sale of land to the County Council will certainly bring in some valuable capital receipts. We look forward to seeing how IBC will allocate money to 'improve facilities within the town'.

Great changes for Great Blakenham

SnOasis is moving closer to getting Government approval. It's hard to tell what effect it will have on Ipswich itself. More jobs, more visitors, more money, more cars. If only we could maximise the best and minimize the worst!

Ipswich Transport Museum Golden Jubilee

Congratulations to all the enthusiasts who have created this uniquely valuable Ipswich attraction begun in 1958 and located at Cobham Road former trolley bus depot since 1989. Everything in the Museum was either built or operated in the Ipswich area. It is open Sundays 11.00-16.00 until late November and on weekdays 21 July-29 August 13.00-16.00.

Magistrates to move?

A new court house may be built next to the Crown Court in Russell Road with the main public entrance from West End Road. If so, the present site in Elm Street opposite the police station could become part of the second phase of redevelopment of the Civic Centre.

Where is Suffolk?

We were pleased to hear and see the great achievement of Erdem Misirlioglu, winner of the piano section of the BBC young Musician of the Year competition in May. Not so pleased to hear that his school, Northgate, is in Essex according to the BBC. To add further insult, a few days later something in Suffolk (not sure what) was described as being in Sussex. Surely the name of the ancient county is to remain despite possible reorganisation!

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