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Newsletter, October 2008 (Issue 173)

Shorter Snippets

A Giles exhibition will be held in the Town Hall Gallery from 6 November till February. Grandma will look even fiercer if you don't go!

A free annual season ticket to London is an incentive offered to prospective purchasers of flats at Voyage (Ranelagh Rd) and Modus (Duke St). It's even clearer whom they're aimed at!

Tesco intend developing a store in Ipswich on site of former B&Q in Grafton Way. Not clear yet how big. Their consultation with the public may have taken place before you read this.

The Willis Building is one of the great modem attractions of Ipswich. The newly completed tall and slender Willis Building in Leadenhall Street, London, is also one of the finest there.

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