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Newsletter, October 2008 (Issue 173)

Editorial: Being Realistic

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If you thought I was unduly cheerful in my last Editorial, I'm afraid I'm going to do it again! There are many good things happening in Ipswich, some of which I probably don't even know about. The more obvious ones are referred to later in this Newsletter - the opening of the new University Campus Suffolk building on the Waterfront, the likely redevelopment of the Civic Centre site, the refurbishment of the Corn Exchange and the former museum in Museum Street, the Co-op's purchase of Wherstead Park and, not least, the proposals for four big wind turbines which could make a useful contribution to providing sustainable energy.

I hope you'll read about all these matters in the following pages - in which you will also find some issues the society is not happy about!

Yes, the economic slowdown has affected some development schemes - inevitably perhaps but badly timed, especially when the Waterfront was looking so promising. It sounds as if the St Peter's Port development will be started soon, but the three derelict dockside buildings near Stoke Bridge may continue to blight the appearance of the Waterfront on the western side as seen by thousands who pass by every day. In an ideal world the owners would be made to clear the sites and create green spaces until proper building takes place. However, I must remind myself to be realistic - which is not the same as being pessimistic!

The biggest topical (and controversial) issue is the Government's consideration of changing local authority boundaries in Suffolk and Norfolk to create unitary authorities. The decision would affect our whole area for decades to come and needs to be looked at from all angles. The Society's carefully considered response is outlined in this Newsletter on page 6.

The year 2010 will see the Society's 50th anniversary. We hope to hold a number of celebratory events which are already being discussed by your committee. There should be much to look forward to in 2010.

Neil Salmon

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