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Newsletter, October 2008 (Issue 173)

Ipswich Maritime Trust

On Sunday 7 September the Trust hosted a party on board the 3-masted barque Picton Castle. Des Pawson presented the Captain with books for the ship's library and a great feast was laid on. Part of the crew (age range 19-74) were at the nearby Lord Nelson, no doubt researching nautical matters concerning Ipswich while the remaining crew entertained us with humour and courtesy.

We had a delightful evening learning about the history and the current events of the voyage. I can imagine Admiral Vernon (who invented 'grog') looking down on the scene with a smile on his face. I heard more than one person suggest that Ipswich should consider adopting the Picton Castle. Now there's a thought. The vessel made a stunning visual impact lying at Orwell Quay.

Diana Lewis

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