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Newsletter, January 2009 (Issue 174)

River Gipping Trust

The Society is pleased to report the creation of this trust whose aim is to restore, preserve and maintain the river between Pickerel Bridge Stowmarket and West End Bridge Ipswich. This will involve re-creating the means of navigation and caring for the flora and fauna of the Gipping Valley. Previously the Inland Waterways Association has carried out restoration work but it is hoped that a locally based trust will attract more support and involvement. The Trust points out that the river was navigable and important to transport for many centuries in its original state. Then in 1790 the Ipswich and Stowmarket Navigation was set up and cargoes were carried from 1793 onwards, until the coming of the railway in 1846 led to an increasing decline in waterborne trade. After years of neglect, navigation became impossible.

For more information see www.rivergippingtrust.org.uk or contact the Secretary, Lewis Tyler on 01473 310381

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