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Newsletter, January 2009 (Issue 174)

New Work in Upper Brook Street

The Society has written to the Borough Council expressing our disappointment that so much 'official graffiti' has been added to the road surface. We note that "the quality of materials is good, the workmanship of the roadmen excellent and the outcome had the possibility of being outstanding - until the final days. How can so much white paint be necessary, why do the kerb markings for 'no waiting' have to be 4" wide and why is it necessary to add green tarmac?" We also point out a further problem. Partially sighted people and those who wear bifocals are having difficulty finding the kerb edge, because the colour contrast between pavement surface and kerb is greater than that between kerb and highway (the kerb and road surface are both dark grey, the pavement a much lighter stone). This mistake has already caused people to stumble.

We recognise that there are problems of priority here with pedestrians, buses, delivery vehicles - and cyclists who can travel in the opposite direction. But we think this is a case for 'shared space' whereby the majority of road signs and markings are omitted and all road users proceed with permission gained through eye contact with other users.

The Council's reply states that the green cycle lane is to help bus drivers keep that lane free and the kerb colour will be assessed again after six months.

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