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Newsletter, April 2009 (Issue 175)

Ipswich Maritime Trust

A photographic competition organised by the Trust and the Ipswich Borough Council Tourist Information Centre in February to celebrate "The People's View of the barque Picton Castle" proved to be a great opportunity for Suffolk's amateur photographers. Their images, recording the visit of the Tall Ship last September, made a splendid exhibition at St Stephen's Church. Special thanks go to David Stainer who hosted the event at the TIC.

The winners were:

  • 1st -- Patricia Bugg
  • 2nd -- G K Deal
  • Highly commended -- Brian Jepson, Geoff Hartgrove, Janet Austin, Des Pawson
  • Commended -- Robert Simper, Brian Jepson, Jenny Ball, Heather Grenfell

The Maritime Trust has come a long way since it was started over 27 years ago by a small band of enthusiasts. The membership has risen to over 200 and our monthly winter talks at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club continue to attract capacity audiences. During 2008 we have contributed to a permanent display of our maritime heritage at the newly refurbished St Peter's Church, sponsored a local sea Cadet on a sail training ship and encouraged Ipswich Museum to purchase and retain a painting by John Moore of Ipswich ("The West Cut"). The Custom House was opened for the Barge and Heritage weekends. Richard Smith's unique exhibition of our maritime history and Brian Jepson's artwork attracted many visitors.

Our plans for 2009 include the realisation (we hope) of "Windows on the Wharf" as part of the Cranfield Mill site redevelopment. The idea of a maritime museum presence on the Waterfront has been our most cherished goal for many years. It will consist of very large windows which are in effect museum cases built to the highest standards of conservation, security and design. We have many maritime related models. Pictures, documents and other artefacts in our store but we are always hoping to find more. In particular, we are looking for a sitting display dummy to represent a sailmaker at a bench. Can anyone help? Any offers would be gratefully received by Des Pawson.


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