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Newsletter, April 2009 (Issue 175)

Recent Observations

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Former Sun Inn in St Stephen's Lane - good to see that this fine old building, restored by the Atfield family, is open again, as a furniture and gift shop - a local specialist shop.

Underpasses get a bad press, people complaining of their dirtiness. But the St Matthew's St and Princes St ones seem to us well kept, even though we prefer crossing at street level!

The bull sculpture has sadly been removed from Civic Drive where it looked good but was damaged by vandals. We hope it can be returned to a safer place; it is missed.

East Europeans are contributing to the local economy and still noticeable in reasonable numbers in town despite opinions to the contrary - the pound is worth more than the zloty!

Museums and art galleries across the country, especially in London, have reported better attendances because of the credit crunch - which may be the only good that's come of it.

Dance East have taken possession of their new studios in The Mill (Cranfield's) and are fitting it out. We wish them success as they bring more variety of use to the Waterfront.

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