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Newsletter, July 2009 (Issue 176)

Your Committee & Events

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MEMBERS' OUTINGS (which can be booked on the accompanying blue sheet)

  • 19 Aug Bury St Edmunds at the invitation of the Bury Civic Society
  • 16 Sep The Red House, Bexleyheath, home of William Morris, and Danson House

EVENING EVENTS (lectures at Museum Street Methodist Church)

  • 21 Oct John Blatchly on people commemorated by Blue Plaques
  • 11 Nov The Ipswich Society's Annual Awards Evening (venue to be confirmed)
  • 9 Dec To be announced
  • 13 Jan Nick Rowlinson, Environment Agency, on Flood Protection in Ipswich
  • 10 Feb David Ireland, Chief Executive of the Empty Homes Agency, London
  • 10 Mar To be announced
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