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Newsletter, January 2010 (Issue 178)

Cardinal Wolsey Project

Not all members will have heard or read about the recent initiative to commemorate Wolsey by creating and installing a distinguished artwork which will do much more than simply remembering him in the name of a street or even a theatre. It is 500 years since Wolsey took up his first post as Almoner to King Henry VIII in 1509, after which he rose to being second only to the king as both Lord Chancellor and a Cardinal of the Church. He was a wise and just statesman with a great interest in education. Only his fall from grace in failing to secure Henry's divorce from Katherine of Aragon prevented the continuance of his college in Ipswich which would have equalled the status of Eton and Winchester. The patrons of the project, chaired by Dr John Blatchly, are seeking to raise £100,000 for a major artwork.

See details at www.wolseyinipswich.co.uk. Cheques can be sent to The Ipswich Town Trust, c/o Fifth Floor, Grafton House, Russell Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DE.

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