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Newsletter, January 2011 (Issue 182)

Hallowe'en, etc

Retail spending on Hallowe'en costumes and associated items now exceeds Valentine's. A reflection of the nation's psyche or just a retail driven success? Hallowe'en related retail spending has risen from £12 million ten years ago to some £300 million last year, 2010. The surge of interest can be traced back to Wal-Mart's take- over of Asda in 2000, the American retailer being well versed in using the pagan festival to sell cheap tat at a healthy premium. I was going to suggest that the people who pretend to be undead for the day clearly don't understand the significance of All Hallows Eve, but then that's probably true of Dawali, Ramadan or Christmas. Look out for turkeys and parade costumes at Thanksgiving during the next decade.


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