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Newsletter, January 2011 (Issue 182)

St Peter's Summer Rota

A big 'thank you' to The Ipswich Society for being on our volunteer rota throughout the summer season. We had a total of 1980 visitors from May to September averaging 18 people per opening day, 300 more than last year. The Charter Hangings continue to be a big draw and we have received many favourable comments in the visitors' book.

St Peter's is used four nights every week and every third Sunday in the month for rehearsal purposes. This provides us with much valuable core income. I am planning more free Sunday afternoon concerts and will try to encourage more school parties to use the church and the Charter Hangings as a resource for educational projects.

I hope to re-open from Mondays to Fridays commencing on Tuesday, 3 May. I should be very grateful if you could support us again in 2011.

BERNARD WESTREN, Manager of St Peter's

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