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Newsletter, January 2011 (Issue 182)

Winter Lectures

The remaining two lectures will take place as usual in Museum Street Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm. Once again we would remind members that they are welcome to bring friends along; there is no charge for anyone, not even for the tea or coffee!

9 February The River Gipping Trust

Lewis Tyler, Secretary of the Trust, will speak about the work which has been done and which is planned to restore and care for this historic river and valley. The Trust is greatly involved with improving the river from Stowmarket to West End Bridge, Ipswich, Although that doesn't include the final stretch of the river through the rest of Ipswich, members of our Society are likely to be interested in everything to do with our historic waterway.

9 March Suffolk toll-houses

Patrick Taylor, Conservation Architect, will speak about his work on the turnpike roads of Suffolk, giving a potted history of the old road repair system, paid for by the taking of tolls, showing how toll- houses are perhaps the last buildings to display the phenomenon of local distinctiveness and then describing the many buildings in Suffolk that were toll-houses or are sometimes mistakenly taken for such.

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