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Newsletter, April 2011 (Issue 183)

Street Clutter Initiative

We are all aware of the impact of traffic signs on the town. Many give essential information and direction for the safe movement of people and vehicles, but over the years more and more schemes, often with a single purpose - a cycle route, tourist directions, etc - are added to the existing signs. The accretion of clutter is not only an eyesore but results in important information being lost amongst the plethora of unnecessary signs.

The Government is encouraging local authorities to review signage in their areas and remove unnecessary clutter. Ipswich Borough Council is ahead of the game and to date 256 signs and 65 posts have been consigned to the scrap yard.

If you have not noticed this initiative it is because those removed are a tiny number in comparison to the signs still in place. The second phase is to concentrate on the town centre and Conservation Areas, and the Borough is being assisted by members of the Ipswich Conservation Advisory Panel who have carried out area audits of sign and other street clutter, such as redundant posts, lines and barriers.

The budget is limited and only two officers from the Borough are assigned to the task, but we applaud the initiative and look forward to a town centre free of unnecessary clutter.


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