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Newsletter, April 2011 (Issue 183)

Letters to the Editor

Sad Loss of the Bury Road Park and Ride
From Ronald and Anita Harvey (Stowmarket)
We are very disappointed about the Bury Road Park & Ride site closing as we had used it since it first opened when we paid to park and got on a bus - so much better to get into town and out. If we travel to the Copdock site to get a P&R bus into Ipswich it will take us at least an extra half an hour to get into town.

The younger generation are the ones who need it most to get to work, etc. How nice it would be to see the Bury Road Park & Ride opened again - it's a much better car park! We always enjoy our shopping trips to town since we retired.

Debatable style of Architecture
From Stephen Anderson
I wanted to support Bob Allen's comment about 53-55 Westerfield Road that won a Commendation at the Society's 2010 Awards ceremony. When he used the term "debatable use of pastiche Edwardian style" I think he was understating the case against them. To me, they represent an approach to design which only design conservatives such as the Prince of Wales would like to see more of-retro, pastiche, quasi, neo .... but not contemporary. The 1950s house they replaced had greater integrity than this pair of semis which (and I'll admit my architectural history knowledge is insufficient here to be certain) seem to follow a largely unmissed Edwardian style which itself had elements of neo- Tudor detailing.

Run-down Look of Some Streets
From James Empson
I was 32 when I chose Ipswich to start my business, Anglia Cameras. Ipswich was then a very pleasant town with a Tuesday cattle market and tweed clad farmers calling in to see me. One brought fresh eggs each week at 2/6 per dozen! How very English. How this has changed with the loss of many quality retailers from the town centre over the years ....

I closed the business in March 2008 after 44 years of successful trading - and sold the property three months later. How sad to see the very run-down look of St Matthew's Street and Norwich Road today, a main thoroughfare into the town. My heart sinks when I see my old property in St Matthew's Street which I tried to keep spick and span when I owned it, but of course, having sold the freehold, I no longer have jurisdiction as to how it looks. For this, I apologise to the people of Ipswich.

A town, village or hamlet is more than bricks and mortar; paintwork colours and shades also attend this effect. Whilst I applaud the efforts of the Society Elders, we need to press the Town Council to clean up more than just the streets - (though their recent recognition is to be applauded!).

Imogen Stubbs at the Society's Dinner
From Dick Tuckey
Imogen may not be an "Ipswichian" - but the Wolsey gave her her first job straight from RADA and she - touchingly - always acknowledges this in interviews ....

[Editor: I had praised Imogen Stubbs for persevering in her three-hour delayed and snow-bound journey to join us and her husband Sir Trevor Nunn at the dinner, even though she "isn't an Ipswichian"! Dick Tuckey, as many will fondly remember, was Artistic Director of the Wolsey Theatre.]

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