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Newsletter, April 2011 (Issue 183)

Remember December?

It may seem long after the event but it is interesting to know about the policy pursued by IBC in partnership with the County Council and the Highways Agency. IBC spreads salt on six Primary 1 routes in the Borough when the road surface goes below 1°C. These are all A and B roads with more than 4,000 vehicles a day and all bus routes and access for emergency services and high schools. Also six Primary 2 routes (those carrying more than 2,000 vehicles a day) are treated if the temperature is still zero by 9 am. And 45 shopping areas and precincts and some footways are treated in severe and prolonged weather.

Legal liability of householders who clear snow from pavements has caused confusion. The County Council's position is that "sensible self-help is to be encouraged". The Government also takes this view and has issued a "Snow Code" to advise people on what to do and what the position on legal liability is. You might find this information useful next winter - but let's hope we don't have another such December!

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