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Newsletter, April 2011 (Issue 183)

Some Shorts

'Decent Homes' was the programme to modernise all 8000+ Ipswich council houses. It's good this has been completed under successive Borough Councils. The next step is for future house improvements to a higher' Ipswich Standard' to be completed in 2015.

Good luck to Holywells Park in its first application for a national Green Flag award in June. The criteria are effective use of green space, good facilities and safety and security measures. The Friends of HP are hosting events to celebrate the park's 75th anniversary this year.

Ipswich Maritime Festival will take place on 20 and 21 August, organised by IBC, Waterfront Action, Ipswich Maritime Trust and Associated British Ports. It will feature music, dancing, history, stalls and fireworks.

Tesco Extra in Grafton Way beside the river will be started soon. The controversy is now a thing of the past. But the company should see that the 129 flats are built as soon as possible and not be deferred while the shop flourishes.

Tennis in Ipswich should benefit from a grant from the Lawn Tennis Association to re-build the courts in Christchurch Park. Elena Baltacha, UK's No 1 woman player, Ipswich-based and daughter of an ex - ITFC footballer, has promised to help with some coaching.

The Wolsey statue at Curson Plain (corner of St Peter's Street and Silent Street) should be unveiled on 29 June. It will emphasise Wolsey's enlightened attitude to teaching. His fall from power led to the dissolution of his great school which was being created nearby.

Australian opening batsman Shane Watson made a brilliant century in a one day game against England in January but admitted that some of the time he was more worried about Ipswich. Can you deduce why?

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