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Newsletter, July 2011 (Issue 184)

Letters to the Editor

Clutter in Arras Square
from John Brown

When I came to live in Ipswich - some fifty years ago - and joined the Society, I found a mixture of dirty industrial town and equally grubby market/County town. The town centre did have a few good quality shops and an excellent theatre; otherwise I think it might be fairly described as 'a bit of a dump'. The improvement since then has been phenomenal. I have reservations, of course, but pedestrian-friendly streets and paving; trees and open spaces with seating and sculpture; buildings painted and in reasonable repair; improvements to the docks and riverside; signage and excellent tourist information; all contribute to a pleasant town centre. Congratulations to the Society, the Borough and County Officers and all the other bodies and individuals who have wrought such a change.

Reservations? Well, there must always be some niggles. One which has annoyed me for some time is Arras Square and the way cars, vans and rubbish bins spoil the general look of this attractive space. I no longer encourage visitors to sit and enjoy the scene. I have approached the parking authorities but they say they have no jurisdiction as the Square itself-other than the original St Stephen's Lane width - is privately owned. Can anyone suggest how we might shame the property owners into taking pride in their own spaces?

The value of Double-Glazing
from Ken Wilson

Patrick Taylor's interesting article on domestic heat conservation casts doubt on the economy of double-glazing. I cannot fault his calculations but the value of this very popular installation lies surely in the reduction of that uncomfortable flow of cold air that descends steadily from a single-glazed window (despite the curtains). The improvement in living conditions delivered by a second layer of glass is ample reward. I await part 2 of his article with interest.

The Value of a Gable Warmer
from Ann Petherick

Apropos of Patrick Taylor's article in the last Newsletter, I too am the owner of an end of terrace Victorian house in Ipswich. In 2005, as part of a programme of full modernisation, we applied external cladding not only to the gable wall but around the rear extension. As the house has been let since then I have not been able to obtain evidence of reduced fuel costs but I will see what I can find out. I also wonder whether it might be possible to demonstrate a knock-on effect to the rest of the terrace by the end property being kept so much warmer?

What is an Ipswichian?
from Bernard Brown (Auckland, New Zealand)

Perhaps the Editor and Mr Tucker could come up with a definition of 'Ipswichian'. [April Newsletter page 17.] I have never lived in Ipswich for more than a few days at a time with grandparents and aunties and friends, but:

  • I attended Ipswich v Aston Villa at Portman Road in 1938 (FA Cup re-play)
  • My parents were devout Ipswichians, by any definition.
  • Almost invariably I identify cropped photographs of buildings, etc in the Newsletter.
  • I have Ipswich Town's results phoned through to me on Sunday mornings from N.Wales!
  • I am a member of The Ipswich Society and I love Ipswich.
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