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Newsletter, January 2012 (Issue 186)

Remembering the Reservoirs

I was very interested in the October article about the Park Road reservoir and to learn what its future may be. It is very sad to see No.3 all boarded up, as this was my home for several years from the 60s to the early 70s. When I was thirteen my father, Arnold (Jack) Stiff was promoted to the Ipswich Corporation Water Works to the position of Chief Maintenance Engineer and Pumping Superintendent. The house in Park Road "went with the job". The reservoir area was my back garden! Beside the house were the two tennis courts rented by NALGO, so it was quite a busy place even in winter and lots of friendly people to talk to.

My father's area of work was expanded beyond the boundaries of Ipswich and he was on 24 hour call, so could be in the depths of the countryside in midwinter, at night. He sometimes had to go to the top of the water tower. No Health and Safety in those days! Eventually Anglian Water was in charge and my father took early retirement, going to the Civic College as an engineering technician. So ended my time at Park Road. It is good to know that at least part of the site will remain.

Sonja Nestor, nee Stiff

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