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Newsletter, January 2012 (Issue 186)

Town Centre Master Plan

Most of its contents are truths that we recognise and most of the solutions will be provided by others. But it is a strategic plan so it does discuss where the town centre is weak and what changes should be made. Here are some of the key recommendations:

  • The connection between the town centre and the Waterfront is tenuous.
  • Consequently the current east-west axis should eventually be re- orientated to north-south.
  • The shopping offer needs improvement. National chains find the empty shops incompatible with modem trading.
  • The Westgate and Mint Quarter empty sites are zoned for retail but may never be developed for that use.
  • A third site (EADT premises Turret Lane) is available for building offices, shops, etc.
  • Develop Old Cattle Market into street of small shops with residential buildings in the area.
  • Create one bus station eventually on Tacket Street car park to replace the two present ones.
  • Redevelop Tower Ramparts shopping centre into the vacated bus station with appropriate modem shopping space.
  • Construct better access across Star Lane to facilitate easy use of the north-south axis.
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