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Newsletter, July 2012 (Issue 188)

Why Two Beacons?

The disdain that the majority of the rural populace show for Ipswich as their county town is matched only by their dislike for Norwich City Football Club (although they prefer shopping in Norfolk's rather than Suffolk's county town). However, it is heartening to see that some effort is being expended into bringing town and county closer together, not least by the series of Beacon Town Conferences promoted by the local press (as reported in the April Newsletter). Furthermore, the MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer, together with the leader of Suffolk County Council, Mark Bee, and the local press are calling for greater harmony, exploring ways of bringing unity to town and county.

So how come we need to light two beacons to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Traditionally the Ipswich flame has been lit in Christchurch Park but this year SCC chose to 'do their own thing' and light a second, atop of Endeavour house. There needs to be more joined up thinking in the simple things if any economic activity is to come from the weasel words of the politicians.

John Norman

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