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of Ipswich Unitarian Meeting House (Grade I)

Newsletter, October 2012 (Issue 189)

Letter to the Editor

Limmer's and Burton's
from Ken Nichols

What a pleasure it was to once more hear the Society's excellent Newsletter plop on our doormat; it was as usual full of varied and interesting articles, two of which prompt this letter.

The first was the small snippet and photo about the history of the Grand Hotel in the Butter Market. I remember when it was Limmer's for two reasons; firstly the wonderful smell of coffee every time 1 walked up the Butter Market in the 1950s, a smell of the Continent for a teenager at that time. The second connection is that my wife and I held our wedding reception up in the first floor room with the stained glass and bow window overlooking the street.

Linda Erith's article about Art Deco shop fronts in the town could have included Burton's shop in Tavern Street. It has a handsome front and, remarkably in this age of change, the same company who built it are still trading there. Linda's article also reminds us that when in the streets and lanes of Ipswich we should always LOOK UP for most of the glories of our town are above shop front height.

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