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Newsletter, October 2012 (Issue 189)

Excitements and Reality

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The Olympics, the Paralympics and, here in Ipswich, the Maritime Festival, the start of the Tour of Britain cycle race and the family cycling day which followed the Tour on that lovely sunny day (9 September) have created much excitement for many people. But in those heady weeks of August and early September the consequences of our national and international economic problems didn't go away. And social changes, particularly in the way many of us buy our goods, have continued to put pressure on town centres - a theme which crops up several times in this Newsletter. See especially Mike Cook's article on pages 8-9.

Nevertheless you should find plenty of variety in this Newsletter with articles touching on history, commerce, architecture and heritage with some topical 'shorts' and 'notes'. This variety is of the essence of The Ipswich Society; the Newsletter tries to reflect members' interests in many matters which involve the well-being of the town and its people. We have never been a 'one-track-minded' or a 'don't change anything' Society. Nor is the Society - if at all avoidable - a purveyor of gloom. So read on, I hope, for a positive experience.

Neil Salmon

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