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Newsletter, January 2013 (Issue 190)

Who runs the Town Centre?

Who runs the Town Centre?
Ipswich Borough Council, Ipswich Central or Suffolk County Council?

In a letter jointly signed by Mark Bee and Judy Terry in the East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday, 17 November. I read that Suffolk County Council wish to be included in the extensive list of organisations running the town centre. (In addition. Suffolk County Council are taking over the running of the town's road network from April.)

However, whilst Christmas is still firmly in our minds. we should question who was responsible for the Cornhill tree, the Christmas lights and, on the other hand, the four-day Christmas market (that promised 150 stalls and delivered half this number)?

We could also ask what happened to the Ipswich Town Centre Master Plan, suggesting that we turn the 'Golden Mile' from an east-west well established route to a north-south (Tower Ramparts to Lower Brook Street) shopping experience - when the Evening Star offices are rebuilt as shops! My research for articles elsewhere uncovered the demise and demolition of Tollemache's Upper Brook Street brewery in 1961, the site of which became Tacket Street car park. If it has taken 50 years (and waiting) for this town centre site to be developed for retail, what hope is there for sites in Turret Lane?

There was talk of a 'Vision for Ipswich' group, including input from the University; and the Chamber of Commerce has always had the interest of the town at heart. What is clear is that with many organisations pulling in different directions, particularly when the politics of town and county come into play. Ipswich town centre is likely to suffer from lack of steer.

John Norman

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