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Newsletter, April 2013 (Issue 191)

Unwanted Signs

The Society has had some success in the removal of items erected without planning permission, mainly down to the swift action of John Pallant, IBC's Senior Planning Enforcement Officer. A 2.3m high spiked-top metal fence erected by The Homes and Communities Agency in Dove Street (St Helen's Conservation Area) was removed just days after being installed. Banners unrelated to the premises to which they were attached (Tower Ramparts car park) and promoting a local commercial radio station were removed immediately following our complaint.

If you can remember how much time, energy and effort Society members spent trying to get the barbed wire removed from the floating pontoons belonging to Neptune Marina, then you will understand our disappointment to see a wire-topped fence between the university car park and Orwell Quay. The three strands are unsightly, unnecessary and already loose and untidy. There was no mention of this wire on the planning application and the Enforcement Officer has written to the university, received a reply and action is promised before April.

We've been unlucky with the large signs promoting the new car wash at the bottom of Bolton Lane, at the junction with St Margaret's Street - the former Kwik Fit site. As you may be aware, this use for the site only received planning permission on appeal.

John Norman

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